Racquet Rules

We play hard, we play by the rules and we play to have fun!


Rules & Policies



Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with your guests a day to remember
  • A member may have up to 3 guests.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member.
  • On weekends and holidays guests are restricted to play after 12:00, except that a single guest can complete a 3-some or 4-some anytime.
  • On weekdays guests may play anytime the course is available for regular play.
  • Guests may play up to 6 times per fiscal year (April 1st through March 31st of the following year).
  • The member is responsible for determining how many times their guest has played.


Tennis rules, ethics and procedures of play as promulgated by the USTA shall be observed. Strict and consistent adherence to these regulations by all persons using the tennis facilities is required.

No person may use or walk upon any tennis court, or raise or tamper with any tennis net, when the net on the court is lowered.

The decision to put the courts back into play after the nets have been lowered shall be at the discretion of the Tennis Professional Staff, the Grounds Superintendent or Chairman of the Tennis Committee.

No person shall enter or leave the tennis courts by walking across other courts. Entry onto all courts must be made by walking around the outside of the North and South wire fences and through the gate close to the court to be played upon.

Towels brought to the tennis courts from the Locker Rooms shall be returned to the Locker Rooms.

When others are waiting to play, players shall be limited to one hour of play until another court becomes available. Adult members 21 years old or older shall have priority on all courts other than courts 9 and 10 and the two all-weather courts.

At the discretion of the Tennis Professional Staff, a system of rotation for the use of courts may be implemented.

All tennis players, regardless of age, are expected to maintain the proper decorum consistent with the traditions of the Club. Players shall refrain from causing undue noise, using language that may be offensive to other players and acting in an unsportsmanlike manner.

Doubles games shall have priority on the courts. On Sunday and holiday mornings, singles shall be on an “as available basis”, as determined by the Tennis Professional Staff.


For your added safety The Suburban Club has installed the Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System. When lightning is detected in the club's warning zone area, alerts are sent and the sirens are activated. Players must stop playing and seek shelter as they hear the siren. Whether or not the siren has sounded, it is the responsibility of each golfer to seek the safety of shelter when the threat of lightning is perceived. Safer areas include the oasis, the clubhouse, maintenance buildings and low lying areas. Avoid open areas, water, isolated trees, and elevated ground. When the danger has passed the sirens are activated to sound the all clear.


For your convenience and safety, First aid kits are available at the Golf Shop, and in the Clubhouse.

Defibrillators are available at the front desk, the tennis shop or bubble and in the golf hallway. Many of the club staff are trained in their use.


Most tennis attire may be worn on the tennis courts. Only approved smooth rubber-soled tennis shoes may be worn.