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Upon Arrival

Guest Parking & Golf Bag Drop. There is ample parking convenient to the Clubhouse, Golf and Tennis areas. The bag drop is at the entrance to the golf area adjacent to the tennis courts. Please do not leave your golf equipment unattended at the Bag Drop area. Use the intercom system by pushing the red button and an attendant will be out shortly. You may call 410-602-7619 for immediate service.

Dress Code

Improper golf attire includes: tennis attire, jeans, short shorts, gym and jogging shorts, cut-off jeans, bathing suits, tee shirts, tube and halter tops, and sport jerseys. Tennis Most tennis attire may be worn on the tennis courts. Only approved smooth rubber-soled tennis shoes may be worn. Clubhouse Please do not wear bathing suits, halter tops, cutoff jeans, exercise attire, or hats. Saturday after 6:00 p.m., the dress code in the Kneipe—Grille Room and Lounge will also exclude shorts and tennis attire.


WiFi is available in the Clubhouse, Terrace and Pool Areas. Cell Phones Cell phones have become our constant companions. Please be considerate of those around you if you need to use your phone at the club.


Tipping at Suburban is ONLY ALLOWED as it relates to golf. When you come off the course, there will be golf attendants to clean your golf clubs as they take them off the cart. Golf attendants may receive tips.