Rules & Policies

Everything you need to know about playing at Suburban from lightning to Bermuda shorts.


Rules & Policies



Please let us know if there is anything we can do to make your experience with your guests a day to remember
  • A member may have up to 3 guests.
  • All guests must be accompanied by a member.
  • On weekends and holidays guests are restricted to play after 12:00, except that a single guest can complete a 3-some or 4-some anytime.
  • On weekdays guests may play anytime the course is available for regular play.
  • Guests may play up to 6 times per fiscal year (April 1st through March 31st of the following year).
  • The member is responsible for determining how many times their guest has played.

Members are encouraged to have small outings of up to 20 guests on weekdays which can be arranged in advance with the consent of the Director of Golf and or the Golf Committee.

Members who do not pay golf dues are eligible to play golf up to 6 times per year and are subject to the applicable green and cart fees.


Have fun and play by the rules.

Golf has been a tradition at Suburban Club since its founding in 1900. As a member of the United States Golf Association (USGA) since 1927, Suburban Club takes seriously the "Rules of Golf” as they are written. Unless modified by local rules, the "Rules of Golf", including etiquette and the use of "conforming" equipment, will govern play on the course at all times. Only under extreme conditions, when posted, will "preferred lies" be allowed. It is each members' responsibility to become familiar with the "Rules of Golf"


Under normal conditions, a group of 4 players should play 18 holes in four hours or less. On weekends and holidays, groups teeing off prior to 8:30 am are required to play at a pace of 4 hours or less .Groups teeing off between 8:30 am and 10:30 am are required to play at a pace of 4 hours and 12 minutes or less. Groups teeing off after 10:30 am are required to play at a pace of 4 hours and 25 minutes or less. An additional 15 minutes will be added to the maximum pace for all groups teeing off after 8 am on days when carts are restricted to the cart paths.

Groups that fall behind the group in front of them and are not playing within the allowed pace of play are required (and will be asked) to pick up their balls and proceed to their appropriate place on the course. The following are some helpful hints to assist in the speed of play:
  • Arrive at the 1st tee, “ready to play’, 3 to 5 minutes before your starting time.
  • Be ready to play when it is your turn.
  • Pick up if you are out of the hole.
  • Park carts between the green and the next tee to avoid delays upon the completion of the hole.
  • Leave the green upon completion of the hole; write down your score on the next tee.
  • Play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost or out of bounds.
  • Watch and mark your balls position when hit off line.
  • Play “ready golf” when appropriate.
  • Be aware of your place on the course and allow faster groups to "play through" when appropriate.

"Pace of play" rules may be established by the Golf Committee to speed play during prime times, to be enforced by the Marshal and Golf Professional Staff.

The Marshal and Professional Staff have the authority to require slow players (or groups) to pick up their balls and proceed to the next hole. Course Marshals and Golf Professional Staff are to be treated with respect, and their observations and recommendations acknowledged and followed with courtesy.


Our course Superintendent and his staff work hard to maintain the condition of our golf course, but proper care of the course is also the responsibility of each member. This includes the following course maintenance practices:
  • Repair all divots by replacing turf filling with sand/seed mixture.
  • Repair all ball marks.
  • Rake bunkers and leave the rake outside the bunker, parallel to the fairway.
  • Take relief from staked trees and shrubs.
  • Around greens keep carts outside of green stakes with gold tops
  • Observe "cart rules of the day" and keep all four tires on paths.


For your added safety The Suburban Club has installed the Earth Networks Lightning Alerting System. When lightning is detected in the club's warning zone area, alerts are sent and the sirens are activated. Golfers must stop playing and seek shelter as they hear the siren. Whether or not the siren has sounded, it is the responsibility of each golfer to seek the safety of shelter when the threat of lightning is perceived. Safer areas include the oasis, the clubhouse, maintenance buildings and low lying areas. Avoid open areas, water, isolated trees, golf carts, and elevated ground. When the danger has passed the sirens are activated to sound the all clear.


For your convenience and safety, First aid kits are available at the Oasis, the Golf Shop, and in the Clubhouse.

Defibrillators are available at the front desk, the tennis shop or bubble and in the golf hallway. Many of the club staff are trained in their use.


Proper golf attire is required during "Golf Season" on the golf course and in the practice areas. Members are responsible for their guests. Improper golf attire includes: tennis attire, jeans, short shorts, gym and jogging shorts, cut-off jeans, bathing suits, tee shirts, men's shirts without collars, tube and halter tops, and sport jerseys. Women may wear tastefully styled shirts without collars.

Golf shoes are permitted in the clubhouse only in the Locker Rooms, the Lower Card Room and the side entrances.


Golfers 24 years old and older must use a golf cart. However, golfers may carry their bag or rent a Suburban Club pull cart when the following conditions exist:
  • If golf carts are unavailable;
  • When golf carts are restricted to "Cart Paths Only”;
  • When "Winter Greens" are in use;
  • After 1:00 pm;
  • Before 1:00 pm paying a walking fee
  • Parents playing with juniors anytime on weekdays and after 2:00 p.m. on weekends and holidays;
  • Anytime between Nov. 1st and March 31st of the following year;

Players are required to abide by the Club's pace of play policy.

Members must register with the Golf Professional Staff prior to play. Members are responsible for operating the golf cart in such a way as to cause the least possible damage to the course and strictly observing the "cart rules of the day”


The goal of The Suburban Club Cart Policy For Golfers With Disabilities is to foster a safe and welcoming environment for members and guests who have medical or physical disabilities without causing damage to the turf or golf course. The policy is designed to encourage play and improve pace of play.
  1. The Golf Shop must have a letter on file from a physician stating the reason and length of time a disability will be in effect. The designation of an approved disability will be a blue marker (blue noodle) attached to that player's cart. Prior to play (1st time) the golfer must meet with a member of the Golf Professional staff to receive a copy of the policy and attend an on the course review of the Golf Cart Guidelines For Golfers With Disabilities.
  2. The blue marker will be issued by the Golf Shop on the day of play.
  3. The blue marker is provided for the person, not for the cart or for the other players in the group. If there is more than one player with a disability in the group they should ride together.
  4. When golf carts are restricted to "Paths Only , golfers with disabilities must comply.
  5. Golfers with blue markers must observe all cart traffic signs, ropes, etc that either direct or prohibit carts from entering specific areas.
  6. Golf carts must remain on cart paths at all tee boxes.
  7. Golf carts may be parked no closer than 10 yards from the green the approach areas of all greens except hole #15 where the golf cart must remain on the cart path.
  8. Golf carts may be parked the primary rough no closer than 7 yards from the greens. Slopes, steep sides, the backs of greens, and wet areas should be avoided.
  9. Golf carts are not permitted between bunkers and greens.
  10. Failure to comply with the appropriate use of the Golf Cart Policy For Golfers With Disabilities or Golf Cart Guidelines For Golfers With Disabilities may result in the loss of those privileges.